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Walking The Path

19 September 1977
Fringe-feeder and social caterpillar occassionaly accused of hub-like behaviour; introvert wearing the mask of an extrovert who can be found in far too many interconnected subcultures but belongs to none; corporate whore with an interest in the counterculture; starter, plant, prototype of the person I want to be. Always me, what you read is what you get
ale, answers, anthromorphology, anthropology, beginnings, being, being me, blades, blogging, brighton, cat herding, cats, coding, connections, cooking, counterculture, creativity, curiousity, dreaming, duelling, earth, edges, elegance, endings, ends, excitement, exploring myself, expression, faith, fantasy, fencing, fire poi, fire-breathing, folly, friends, friendship, fujian white crane, games, gaming, geeks, go, googling, goth, goths, grace, hackers, hacking, haiku, honesty, honour, incidentals, internet, interwebthingy, introspection, japan, japanese, joy, kanji, kendo, keryo-pente, khaen, knowledge, kung fu, language, legends, lego, logic, london, manga, manufactured serendipity, math, me, memory, metrosexuality, mnemonics, moos, mythology, myths, omnivores, onibi, online games, origami, originality, paper-making, peace, people, philosophy, poetry, poi, problem-solving, programming, pushing boundaries, pushing other peoples boundaries, questions, randomness, rapiers, reading, reasoning, roleplaying, roots, rpgs, sabre, sapiosexuality, scars, sci-fi, science fiction, secrets, self-discovery, sensations, sensuality, serendipity, sf, silence, small worlds, social engineering, social network analysis, social networks, solutions, spices, stories, strangers, suang yang, swordplay, swords, swordsmanship, tangled webs, technology, the little things, thinking, tolerance, toys, transformation, travelling, understanding, unknown, visionaries, walking, walking the path, warrior path, web, weblogs, western martial arts, where worlds collide, wiki, will o'the wisp, wonder, word play, world-making, writing, xiang qi


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